with chamomile and glycerine

Sensitive Care: smooths and protects
Appease your skin and senses; reach for this fragrance free hand cream with its gentle care formula suitable for sensitive, normal and dry skin. It conditions, smooths and protects hands in need providing long lasting moisture that leaves the skin soft and supple. Contains glycerine, silicone and natural certified organic chamomile extract. The ideal cream for anyone with scent sensitivities and in scent-free workplaces. Absorbs easily, non greasy. Apply as often as needed.
available in 100ml and 30ml tubes

Moisture matters

Every day our hands are exposed to a variety of conditions. Frequent hand washing, harsh elements, sun exposure, cleaning, and so on, all take a toll on the skin and stripping it of its natural moisture. Using a good hand cream on a regular basis assists in improving and restoring the ideal moisture balance.

Treat your hands with respect

Only the best ingredients are good enough to care for your beautiful hands. Kamill hand creams contain natural extracts such as certified organic chamomile, aloe vera, and avocado oil as well as skin nourishing vitamin E, Q10, glycerine and silicone.

What is not in Kamill hand creams ..

no parabens no mineral oils no paraffins
no artificial colourants no PEGs no animal-derived ingredients
no gluten, wheat, soy, rice or peanuts

Kamill hand creams are not tested on animals not greasy or sticky dermatologically approved suitable for vegans